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Become a Mentor


Change a teen mom's life by becoming a mentor!

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out an application, which will be reviewed within three days of receiving it. Potential mentors must attend a four hour training session, which is usually held quaterly on a Saturday. Following the training session, potential mentors are interviewed by the Mentoring Program Manager, which helps in determining the right match. New mentors are generally matched within one month of their interview.

Mentors are asked to make a one year commitment to meet regularly, preferably weekly, with their teen mom. Mentors are also expected to attend monthly Mentor Team meetings for support and additional training. The average time commitment for mentors is 3-5 hours a week.

Each meeting between a mentor and her teen mom is designed to help her become personally and economically self-sufficient. The mentor is trained to do an initial needs assessment with her teen mom, and then develop an Individual Growth Plan to help the teen mom reach her goals. Mentors report their teen moms progress to the Mentoring Program Manager through e-mail and phone calls. All mentors receive the full support of the Mentoring Program Manager, and of Hope House of Colorado.

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