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Adopt a Teen Mom or Child this Christmas!

To adopt a teen mom or child for Christmas, click on their photo; if adopting more than one, please consider adopting from the same family.

  • Please deliver gifts wrapped
  • Label all gifts with individual's name AND family ID
  • Please include a list of gifts and their estimated value for sorting and accounting purposes
Gift Drop Off:

Please drop off your gifts at the Resource Center (9088 Marshall Ct. Westminster):

Monday, December 7, 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Tuesday December 8, 8:00 a.m - 3:30 p.m. OR at our Open House 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday December 9, 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, December 10, 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m.


Questions? Need to drop off your gifts at a different time? Contact Sara Lee at: or 303-429-1012 ext. 224

Gift Cards:

If you would prefer to donate gift cards rather than adopt a teen mom, click here to purchase them online. If you would prefer to mail your gift cards, please send them to:
Hope House of Colorado
P.O. Box 740568
Arvada, CO 80006


Thank you for investing in the lives of our teen moms and their little ones!




Jessie (Family ID Jessie T)

Shirt size: Medium
Pant size: 5
Shoe size: 7

1. Black and white clothing with colorful accesories
2. Queen size comforter and sheet set in black, white, or red colors

Anthony (Family ID Jessie T)

2 yr old male

Shirt size: 2T-3T
Pant size: 2T
Shoe size: 8

1. Clothes and shoes
2. Learning toys with sound

Jeremiah (Family ID Jessie T)

6 month old male

Shirt size: 6-9 months
Pants size: 6-9 months
Shoe size: N/A

Wish list:
1. Learning toys with sound
2. Clothes

Nya (Family ID Nya G)

Shirt size: Small or medium
Pant size: 1-3 junior
Shoe size: N/A

1. Makeup  - Different colored eye shadows
2. Black bed set and room accessories

Josiah (Family ID Nya G)

4yr old Male
Shirt size: 4t
Pant size: 4t
Shoe size: 9/10

1. Car toys
2. Card games

Demarius (Family ID Nya G)

Newborn Male

Shirt size: 0-3 months
Pants size: 0-3 months

Wish list:

Carley (Family ID Carley M)

Shirt size: 2XL
Pant size: XL
Shoe size: 8.5

1. Makeup (neutral colors, black eyeliner/mascara)
2. Pots and pans


Brayden (Family ID Carley M)

16 month Male

Shirt size: 18mos
Pant size: 12-18mos
Shoe size: 5

1. Pretend kitchen and food set
2. Toy trucks and cars


Sienna (Family ID Sienna M)

Shirt size: L
Pants size: 9
Shoe size: 8

Wish list:

Jaylynn (Family ID Sienna M)

1 Year old Female

Shirt size: 2T
Pants size: 2T
Shoe size: 4


Erstina (Family ID Erstina R)

Shirt size: Medium
Pant size: 11
Shoe size: 5 1/2

1. Black or gray King size bedding set
2. Broncos jersey

Antonio (Family ID Erstina R)

3 year old Male

Shirt size: 3t
Pant size: 3t
Shoe size: 8

1. Car seat, any color
2. Broncos jersey, any kind

Patience (Family ID Patience H)

Shirt size: 3xl
Pant size: 18
Shoe size: 9.5

1. Coffee Maker
2. Vacum

Eaven (Family ID Patience H)

4yr old, male
Shirt size: 5t
Pant size: 4t
Shoe size: 10

1. A new car rug that he can drive his cars on
2. A hot wheel set that can go on the wall

Charizma (Family ID Patience H)

22 month old, female
Shirt size: 2-3 T
Pant size: 2-3 T

1. Taking baby doll
2. Dress up dresses

Duwayne (Family ID Patience H)

8 month, male

Shirt size: 12 month
Pant size: 12 month

1.  Developmental toys
2.  Teething toys

Nesha (Family ID Nesha A)

Shirt size: Small-Medium
Pants size:3-4 Skinny
Shoe Size: 8.5

Wish list:
1. Journaling items
2. Clothes: warm pats, ect.

Sir'Darius (Family ID Nesha A)

1 1/2 year old, male

Shirt size:  18+ months
Pant size:  18+ months
Shoes:  6 toddler

1.  Learning toys
2.  Clothes:  Warm pants, shirts, jacket, shoes

Gabriella (Family ID Gabriella P)

Shirt size: Small
Pant size: 5
Shoe size: 61/2

1. Clothing, black boots
2. Bedset red, gold, or both

Anavae (Family ID Gabriella P)

3 yr. old Female

Shirt size: 5t
Pant size: 5t
Shoe size: 9

1. Disney movies:  Up, The Book of Life
2. Board games, family games

Alanna (Family ID Gabriella P)

2 yr old Female

Shirt size: 4T
Pant size: 4T
Shoe size: 7 1/2

1. Cooking, cleaning, or doctor play set
2. Coloring activities

Paul (Family ID Gabriella P)

8 month male

Shirt size:  18 months
Pant size:  18 months
Shoe size:  4

1.  Learning toys

Marguerite (Family ID Marguerite W)

Shirt size: lg
Pant size: lg

2. gift card - target

Aaliyah (Family ID Marguerite W)

 4 yr old, female
Shirt size: 5t
Pant size: 5t
Shoe size: 11

1. clothes
2. age appropriate toys

Jaymee (Family ID Marguerite W)

6month old, female
Shirt size: 9 months
Pant size: 9 months
Shoe size: 2 toddler

1. clothing
2. age appropriate toys

Nikki (Family ID Nikki G)

Shirt size: large
Pant size: 12
Shoe size: 8

1. queen bedset - country style or camo
2. living room decor, side tables

Sophia (Family ID Nikki G)

4yr old, female
Shirt size: 4t
Pant size: 4t
Shoe size: 8

1. age appropriate toys
2. clothes/shoes (very girly)

Dominique (Family ID Dominique C)

Shirt size: Medium
Pant size: 12
Shoe size: 8 1/2

1. Full length mirror
2. Blue Sheets for Queen size bed

Walker (Family ID Dominique C)

22 mo. old Male

Shirt size: 18 mo
Pant size: 18 mo
Shoe size: 4

1. Winter shoes
2. Coat, winter clothes

Janay (Family ID Janay B)

Shirt size: L
Pant size: L
Shoe size: 8

1. Belgium Waffle maker
2. Gift card to Charlotte Russe

Audrinah (Family ID Janay B)

3 yr old female

Shirt size: 4t
Pant size: 4t
Shoe size: 9

1. Frozen sing along machine
2. Frozen dolls, frozen dress up clothes

Kelsey (Family ID Kelsey D)

Shirt size: xl
Pant size: 18
Shoe size: 7.5 or 8

1. pots and pans (rachel ray)
2. coffee maker

Kyle (Family ID Kelsey D)

18 month old, male
Shirt size: 18 months
Pant size: 18 months
Shoe size: 7

1. any type of cars
2. teenage mutant ninja turtle stuff

Josephine (Family ID Josephine L)

Shirt size: Small
Pant size: 0

1. Queen size bed set (pink, white, or black from Target)
2. Target gift card

Jonathan (Family ID Josephine L)

2 yr old male

Shirt size: 3t
Pant size: 2

1. Front facing toddler car seat
2. Clothing from The Children's Place

Alexis (Family ID Alexis C)

Shirt size: XL
Pant size: 16/18
Shoe size: 7.5

1.Over the shoulder/Satchel purse -Medium sized, Black
2. Lunch Box-Large,  Red

Genesia (Family ID Alexis C)

3yrs old, female
Shirt size: 5
Pant size: 5
Shoe size: 9

1. Frozen Bed Set
2. Art/Craft Kit

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