Our employees are passionate about empowering teen moms, which is what Hope House is all about. Are you ready to join a team of life-changers who know how to work hard and play hard? Does a work culture characterized by teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to best practices appeal to you?

Then Hope House of Colorado, a faith-focused organization committed to empowering teen moms from all over the Denver area, may be a great fit!

Work From Your strengths:

Hope House management utilizes the Clifton StrengthsFinder to help employees find meaning and fulfillment in their work. Understanding the skills and personalities of each individual employee helps us to build strong teams and a strong culture.

Professional Development:

Hope House believes in making an investment in the professional development of its employees. From covering the costs for attending professional training seminars to bringing in relevant guest speakers to supervisors who are committed to helping their team members grow, Hope House is committed to giving its employees opportunities to thrive professionally.

Culture Statement:

We actually have an official statement around culture that includes the importance of fun, and our annual calendar includes Staff Olympics, the (un)Talent Show, and frequent team-building opportunities.

Hope House of Colorado is a God-centered organization with a passion to see the lives of teen moms transformed for Christ. We recognize that this happens in an environment that combines warmth, love and encouragement with the vital need for structure and boundaries.

Hope House is also a future-thinking organization, striving to be experts in our field. We invest in each employee, providing opportunities to pursue individual passions, gifts and strengths. Our staff is a unified team, pursuing excellence in all we do. We serve with integrity, humility, and respect for one another, in an environment that combines professionalism with fun, humor, and even a little bit of silliness each day!

Vacation Time:

Salaried employees receive 15 days or three weeks of PTO upon hire. Employees also receive 9 paid holidays every year. This totals to 24 paid days off every year. And, after five years, employees receive five weeks of PTO, plus 9 paid holidays.

Make a Difference:

Hope House is committed to empowering teen moms, changing the future for two generations! Our teen moms are building new lives for themselves and their little ones, and our stats prove how hard they are working. For example, our GED Program has an 80 percent graduation rate, 90 percent of our Residential Program graduates have reached self-sufficiency, and 80% of the children in our Early Learning Program reached their targeted goal last year. Hope House is on track to serve 180 teen moms and 250 children this year -- join our team and make a real difference in your very own community!


Open Positions:


Development Officer

Full Time – 40 hours a week

Job Summary:  The Development Officer (hereafter DO) is responsible for all aspects of assigned events, various aspects of individual giving, and utilizes the champion data base, Raiser’s Edge, to drive revenue. The DO builds and maintains relationships with individual champions, and groups of champions. Above all, the DO has the opportunity to share with champions the grace of God shown through His work at Hope House, and to give champions an opportunity to experience relationship with God through their giving.

Event Responsibilities:
Event Planning and Production
• Maintain Program of Events (POE) with up to date information on all aspects of the event
• Create budget and track expenditures.
• Supervise/work with any hired event consultants
• Work with Director of Development and Volunteer Coordinator to assemble committees to cover all key aspects of the events and act as liaison between committee and Hope House
• Serve as liaison with vendors on event-related matters, work with DoD on booking event space, arrange food and beverage, order supplies and audiovisual equipment, make travel arrangements, and ensure appropriate décor (florals, linens, color schemes, etc.)
• Review event contracts with the Director of Development
• Work with the Senior Graphic Designer to develop webpage logo, invitations, program, signage and all event materials
• Coordinate volunteer staffing with VC – training before event and supervision during event
• Coordinate “Day of” setup, during event and cleanup
• Incorporate Transformational Giving Philosophy into every event
• Work with Financial Director and accountant to reconcile expenses before, during, and after event
• Coordinate sending thank you notes and plaques for all sponsors, donors, volunteers and committee members
• Work with DOD to gather needed event reports
• Work with PR coordinator for all marketing/ communication needs, including copy needs
• Work with fundraising volunteers/committees to reach revenue goals

Individual Champions
• Work with the Director of Development to strategically utilize the champion database (Raiser’s Edge) to help drive champion and revenue growth. Individual solicitation goal will be set annually with the DOD. This is expected to increase each year.
• Oversee the Hope House Young Professional Group, HHYP, and manage all events and activities for the group
• Develop and implement tactical plans for individual giving projects, like Small Events, as defined by the Development Plan or assigned by the Director of Development
• Maintain relationship with current champions, (E & O) and help drive growth in the number of new champions (P) by creating opportunities to engage

Database Responsibilities
• Responsible for maintaining accurate information in Raiser’s Edge, including adding constituent records
• Serve as back up to DO that handles inputting gifts into RE
• Updates action steps on contacts from meetings and phone calls on a weekly basis
• Maintains and Updates Development Handbook Sections

Other Responsibilities:
• Attend Development Team meetings, Champion meetings, All Staff meetings
• Responsible for managing volunteers, including appreciation and building relationships, and reporting about volunteer use to the Volunteer Program Manager

• 3-5 years of experience in non-profit Development work, specifically with individual donors
• 2-3 years experience in event planning
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Must be proficient in Word and Excel, Raiser’s Edge database experience a plus
• Will attend some evening & weekend activities in the course of Development work

D Team Competencies
• Infectious enthusiasm
• Called to the mission
• Teachable spirit
• Objective criticism
• Competitive
• Team player
• Sense of humor
• Strong work ethic  
• Personal Accountability
• Integrity
• Relational
• Extreme Ownership

Position Competencies
• Influencing others
• Relationship building
• Creative and innovative thinking
• Planning and organizing
• Adaptability and Flexibility
• Results Focus & Initiative
• Decision making and judgment
• Development and continual learning
• Fiscal Accountability
• Managing projects
• Stress tolerance
• Problem solving
• Enjoy people
• Multitasking


TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to kerryk@hopehouseofcolorado.org


Early Learning Teacher

Summary: The Early Learning Teacher (ELT) is responsible for maintaining a warm, welcoming, loving, educational and orderly environment while providing responsive care to infants, toddlers or preschoolers, implementing activities that provide children opportunities to practice developmental milestones, especially in the developmental areas of language and social-emotional. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build a trusting relationship with each child and mom through daily communication in a warm, approachable and supportive manner
  • Provided individualized care for children
  • Create an environment that supports and encourages exploration
  • Ensure children’s safety and health
  • Observe and document children’s development
  • Provide consistent, caring, sensitive and response interactions with children using positive techniques
  • Model appropriate teacher/child interactions
  • Provide daily activities based on children’s needs and interest that stimulate learning in developmental areas- especially language and social-emotional
  • Utilize the comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum, The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos to lead children to be objective targets.
  • Be comfortable implementing a Christian element into daily activities 
  • Attend required meetings

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to conduct activities involving kneeling, bending, crouching, crawling, twisting, reaching
  • Supervise children by sight and sound
  • Sit on the floor or crouch at child’s level
  • Lift children weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Ability to push or pull 50 pounds
  • Grasp and manipulate equipment and materials
  • Respond to unanticipated situations involving activities of young children


  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education is preferred.
  • Experience working with the children of at-risk populations is preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in early childhood education, preferably with infants and toddlers.
  • Knowledge of early childhood education and child development principles and practices.
  • Highly organized and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills, collaboration and teamwork skills and the ability to work well with others.


  1. Female and over the age of twenty-one.
  2. Possess a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance.
  3. A background/criminal check and drug test must be completed before employment is granted.


  • Teamwork
    Promotes cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and deliverables.
  • Relationship building
    Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect.
  • Stress Tolerance
    Maintains composure in highly stressful or adverse situations.
  • Planning and organizing
    Coordinates ideas and resources to achieve goals.
  • Approachability
    Easy to approach and talk to
  • Career Ambition
    Knows what she wants from a career and actively works on it
  • Compassion
    Genuinely cares about people
  • Ethics and values
    Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times
  • Humor
    Has a positive and constructive sense of humor
  • Personal Learning
    Picks up on the need to change personal, interpersonal and managerial behaviors quickly
  • Priority Setting
    Spends time and the time of others on what’s important
  • Problem solving
    Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions
  • Time Management
    Uses time effectively and efficiently 

TO APPLY: Send resume to mria@hopehouseofcolorado.org



Residential Counselor

Reports to:  Residential Program Manager

Basic Summary: Residential Counselors maintain the structure of the Hope House Program, enforce adherence to rules and policies as well provide encouragement, relationship and fellowship to Hope House residents.

1. Supervise all afternoon and evening activities.
2. Oversee and adhere to house schedule.
3. Oversee residents returning from job training, approved activities and/or appointments.
4. Transport residents and their children to and from appointments as needed.
5. Eat dinner with the residents and their children on a regular basis and oversee dinner preparation and clean up.
6. Supervise all on-site teen moms, visitors or volunteers.
7. Help with childcare/children’s program during evening activities and classes as needed.
8. Daily document residents’ behavior, attitude, and performance in Daily Activity Expectation notebook and logs.
9. Read and be very familiar with Residential Program Handbook and Staff Handbook.
10. Report residents’ appointments and schedules to Residential Family Advocate.
11. Help hold the residents accountable to the Hope House rules, policies, and expectations set forth in the Program and Staff Handbook.
12. Follow all Hope House security procedures.
13. Mandatory Staff Meetings on the first and third Thursday mornings.
14. Advises residents on a variety of personal topics, building trusting relationships with them, and being a good listener.  
15. Supports residents in achieving their goal plans.
16. Keeps common areas of the house clean and organized and maintains atmosphere that is ready for tours at all times. Advises Residential Program Manager of any deficiencies in the cleanliness and safety of house/grounds.
17. Responds to emergencies as needed.
18. Available for occasional overnights shifts.

1. Applicant must be female and over the age of 21.
2. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance.
3. A background/criminal check must be completed before employment is granted.
4. Experience working with at-risk adolescent girls and teen moms a plus.
5. Must have good leadership skills and the ability to work well with others.

TO APPLY: Send resume to karam@hopehouseofcolorado.org



Activities Coordinator

Reports to:  Community Program Manager
Hours: 40 hours a week, May require some nights and/or weekend hours

Basic Summary for Activities Coordinator: The Activities Coordinator (AC), is responsible for creating opportunities for engagement and community building for our teen moms, and for ensuring that teen moms feel welcomed and important when attending activities, especially if they are new. The AC is responsible for intake and orientation with new teen moms. The AC acts as a liaison between the Development Team (Dteam) and Program Team to coordinate donated in-kind resources, and teen mom speaking/engagement requests from Dteam. AC must actively build relationship with teen moms in various ways, including text, social media, and in person. The AC is largely responsible for two domains in self-sufficiency measurement rubric: Spiritual and Personal Support System.

Responsibilities Specific to New Teen Moms:
1. AC is responsible for checking the Teen Mom crisis line daily and returning calls
2. AC is responsible for calling all new teen mom applicants within 1 business day to get the teen mom signed up for orientation.
3. AC is responsible for leading orientation of all new teen moms 2x a week.
4. AC is responsible for data entry of new teen moms and children into Hope House teen mom database (Apricot), in addition to data entry including attendance, general notes, etc
5. AC is responsible for scheduling and coordinating bi-monthly welcome lunches for all new teen moms

Responsibilities Specific to Community Building/Activities:

1. AC is responsible for activities associated with the personal support system domain of our rubric, ensuring that teen moms build community among themselves, as well as with volunteers and champions
2. AC is responsible for hosting/coordinating weekly community nights
3. AC is responsible for putting together the teen mom class/activities calendar each month
4. AC is responsible for planning the annual teen mom summer party and annual Christmas party
5. AC is responsible for various activities throughout the year, including Boutique Night, Graduate outings, Colorado prayer Luncheon, etc
6. AC is responsible for maintaining our Teen mom group on Facebook, and the coordination of activities/giveaways/speakers through Facebook
7. AC may be asked to coordinate outside “mentoring” opportunities, such as hosting an existing Teen MOPS or Young Lives group at our Resource Center
8. AC oversees In Kind donations provided for teen moms (donated clothing, household objects, and objects that can’t be purchased with food stamps, such as diapers, hygiene and cleaning products, etc)

Responsibilities Specific to Spiritual Growth:
1. AC is responsible for activities associated with the spiritual domain of our rubric, which include a spiritual intake survey with Table Talk participants, providing spiritual growth opportunities such as volunteering outside Hope House, offering help with finding a church, if requested, etc
2. AC is responsible for our prayer request box, Pocket-of-blessings, celebration board, etc
3. AC is responsible for leading/coordinating Table Talk bible study for teen moms. The AC needs to be comfortable in sharing their faith and encouraging others through scripture.
4. AC is responsible for completing the Activities and Spiritual sections of the monthly Board report.

Development Specific Responsibilities:
1. AC is responsible for building community between teen moms and volunteers/champions as able
2. AC act as a liaison between Program Team and Development team to assist with coordination of teen moms for Development purposes. This includes attending Development meetings 2x a month
3. AC coordinates teen moms to assist with quarterly Open House nights
4. AC is responsible for data entry for Development related action steps
5. AC is responsible for coordinating written thank you notes from teen moms to champions for donated items, outings, volunteer services, etc. and for entry of those notes into Raiser’s Edge (donor database)
6. AC works with the Volunteer Coordinator to utilize volunteers as needed, and is expected to coordinate, manage and appreciate assigned volunteers

1. Applicant must be female and over the age of 21
2. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance
3. A background/criminal check and clean drug test must be completed before employment is granted
4. Experience working with at-risk adolescent girls and/or high-risk youth required
5. Must have good leadership skills and the ability to work well with others
6. Experience in event planning is preferred
7. Good working knowledge of generational poverty preferred
8. Training in Apricot and raiser’s edge databases provided

TO APPLY: Send resume to jenny@hopehouseofcolorado.org


Hope House of Colorado empowers parenting teenage moms to achieve personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for their children.

TO APPLY: Send resume to info@hopehouseofcolorado.org

Employee comments

I love working at Hope House because I am passionate about the mission of empowering teen moms.  I also love the flexibility of my job, my amazing co-workers, and how supportive Hope House is to working moms.

- Melinda Smith, Parenting Coordinator

Hope House provides a positive working environment and attentiveness to work/life balance. It’s a great place to not only grow professionally through the continued education and training provided, but is also a suitable environment for raising a family in whatever capacity that looks like for each employee.

 - Sara Littlejohn, Development Officer

I love working at Hope House! Not only do I have the opportunity to help change the lives of the girls we serve, but I get to work alongside other amazing women who inspire me and make me laugh every day!

  - Jenny Macias, Community Program Manager


"I started at Hope House as a volunteer and became involved with different pieces of the organization. When  a part-time Residential Counselor position opened up, I applied and was hired. This position allowed me to gain valuable experience working with teen moms, and today I am the Residential Program Manager. Hope House has given me a great opportunity to advance my career while working with self-motivated young women."

  - Kara Mapel, Residential Program Manager