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Connecting across the Continents: Teen Moms and the People Who Love Them

The minute I met Miriam I knew I had found a sister.

The Executive Director of Suubi House, a home for teen moms in Uganda, Miriam was smart, focused and future thinking. With her perfect English and a beautiful Ugandan lilt, she shared her passion for “her girls” and her commitment to giving them both a place to belong and an opportunity to become self-sustaining.

God had placed the same love and passion for teen moms in Miriam’s heart, half a world away, that He had placed in mine. I could see how high and wide and deep is God’s love for these young, vulnerable mothers. I could see He was working all over the world on their behalf. This brief glimpse of God’s plan was both humbling and enormously exciting.

That first meeting with Miriam in 2007 led to a decision between our two organizations to become sister homes. Our teen moms became pen pals, and every year the Hope House teen moms collect blankets and baby clothes to send to their “sisters.”

Miriam travels to Denver annually for training and fund raising, and each year she visits with our girls, sharing stories, and sparking a love of Africa in more than one young heart (several graduates of Hope House are planning future mission trips to Uganda). In 2009, three of our staff members had the opportunity to travel to Uganda for cross training with Suubi House staff.

As Hope House continued to grow and to serve more teen moms through new community programs, God brought people from all over the world who

love teen moms to Hope House. First I began to receive calls for advice from people across the U.S. hoping to start homes or programs of their own. A foundation in Holyoke, Mass., invited us to visit The Care Center, a GED Program and resource center for teen moms.

At The Care Center, I again felt a deep connection with an organization that was just like us, a place for teen moms to belong. The Care Center would become the model for our own Resource Center in Arvada, to be built on land next door to our Residential Program.

There have been other humbling opportunities – an invitation from Children’s Hope Chest to travel to Russia, at their expense, to train the staff of their new Resource Center for teen moms. A chance to share curriculum with a teen mom mentoring program in Seattle, Wash., a random call out of the blue from a production company in France asking if they could highlight Hope House in an international documentary comparing best practices for those working with teen moms. God even gave me a chance to meet a third “sister” in Diane Ooi, who traveled from Singapore to share her progress in opening a home and resource center for teen moms. Our network of global connections is expanding, paving the way for our proposed international network.

Until then, Miriam, Diane and I connect through email from our separate continents, offering prayer and encouragement to one another, waiting to meet more sisters, convinced that the verse we know is true for our girls applies to teen moms all across the world…

He who began a good work in you will carry it to completion, until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6.


By Lisa Steven, Executive Director, Hope House of Colorado



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