Our employees are passionate about empowering teen moms, which is what Hope House is all about. Are you ready to join a team of life-changers who know how to work hard and play hard? Does a work culture characterized by teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to best practices appeal to you?

Then Hope House of Colorado, a faith-focused organization committed to empowering teen moms from all over the Denver area, may be a great fit!

Work From Your strengths:

Hope House management utilizes the Clifton StrengthsFinder to help employees find meaning and fulfillment in their work. Understanding the skills and personalities of each individual employee helps us to build strong teams and a strong culture.

Professional Development:

Hope House believes in making an investment in the professional development of its employees. From covering the costs for attending professional training seminars to bringing in relevant guest speakers to supervisors who are committed to helping their team members grow, Hope House is committed to giving its employees opportunities to thrive professionally.

Culture Statement:

We actually have an official statement around culture that includes the importance of fun, and our annual calendar includes Staff Olympics, the (un)Talent Show, and frequent team-building opportunities.

Hope House of Colorado is a God-centered organization with a passion to see the lives of teen moms transformed for Christ. We recognize that this happens in an environment that combines warmth, love and encouragement with the vital need for structure and boundaries.

Hope House is also a future-thinking organization, striving to be experts in our field. We invest in each employee, providing opportunities to pursue individual passions, gifts and strengths. Our staff is a unified team, pursuing excellence in all we do. We serve with integrity, humility, and respect for one another, in an environment that combines professionalism with fun, humor, and even a little bit of silliness each day!

Vacation Time:

Salaried employees receive 15 days or three weeks of PTO upon hire. Employees also receive 9 paid holidays every year. This totals to 24 paid days off every year. And, after five years, employees receive five weeks of PTO, plus 9 paid holidays.

Make a Difference:

Hope House is committed to empowering teen moms, changing the future for two generations! Our teen moms are building new lives for themselves and their little ones, and our stats prove how hard they are working. For example, our GED Program has an 80% graduation rate, 90% of our Residential Program graduates have reached self-sufficiency, and 80% of the children in our Early Learning Program reached their targeted goal last year. Hope House is on track to serve 200 teen moms and 300 children this year — join our team and make a real difference in your very own community!

Open Positions:

Employee comments

I love working at Hope House because I am passionate about the mission of empowering teen moms.  I also love the flexibility of my job, my amazing co-workers, and how supportive Hope House is to working moms.

– Melinda Smith,
Parenting Coordinator

I love working at Hope House! Not only do I have the opportunity to help change the lives of the girls we serve, but I get to work alongside other amazing women who inspire me and make me laugh every day!

– Jenny Macias,
Program Director

“I started at Hope House as a volunteer and became involved with different pieces of the organization. When  a part-time Residential Counselor position opened up, I applied and was hired. This position allowed me to gain valuable experience working with teen moms, and today I am the Residential Program Manager. Hope House has given me a great opportunity to advance my career while working with self-motivated young women.”

 – Kara Mapel,
Residential Program Manager

Our Guiding Principles:
  • Christ Centered – Called to the mission! Passionate about transformation for teen moms and champions; committed to growth of our own personal faith.
  • Integrity – Do the right thing (even when it hurts)! Trustworthy; ethical and authentic; excellent stewards of donations; we expect 100% compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Infectious Enthusiasm – Passionate about the cause, mission, and ministry! Engage others and strive for positivity through high energy.
  • Relationship Focused – True change happens for teen moms through healthy, long-term relationships with staff and volunteers. Engage champions so they experience the impact they make!
  • Future Thinking – Experts in our field who are constantly striving for the next level! Cause-focused and committed to sharing our knowledge and tools for the benefit of teen moms everywhere.
  • Team Player – Committed to working as a unified team, valuing each member’s contributions! Have one another’s backs and find compromises and solutions in a respectful manner. Go above and beyond for each other.
  • Have Fun! – Find joy in the work! There is room for fun, celebrations and a little bit of silliness every day!
  • Extreme Ownership – Take ownership! Empower decision-making at every level; anticipate success; and take responsibility!
  • Teachable Spirit – Eager to learn and grow! Open to new ideas and constructive criticism; demonstrate humility and learn from our mistakes and failures.
  • Excellent Environment – Create a warm, welcoming, safe and secure environment that shows every teen mom she has a place to belong! 

Employee comments