Our employees are passionate about empowering teen moms, which is what Hope House is all about. Are you ready to join a team of life-changers who know how to work hard and play hard? Does a work culture characterized by teamwork, innovation, and a commitment to best practices appeal to you?

Then Hope House of Colorado, a faith-focused organization committed to empowering teen moms from all over the Denver area, may be a great fit!

Work From Your strengths:

Hope House management utilizes the Clifton StrengthsFinder to help employees find meaning and fulfillment in their work. Understanding the skills and personalities of each individual employee helps us to build strong teams and a strong culture

Professional Development:

Hope House believes in making an investment in the professional development of its employees. From covering the costs for attending professional training seminars to bringing in relevant guest speakers to supervisors who are committed to helping their team members grow, Hope House is committed to giving its employees opportunities to thrive professionally.

Culture Statement:

We actually have an official statement around culture that includes the importance of fun, and our annual calendar includes Staff Olympics, the (un)Talent Show, and frequent team-building opportunities.

Hope House of Colorado is a God-centered organization with a passion to see the lives of teen moms transformed for Christ. We recognize that this happens in an environment that combines warmth, love and encouragement with the vital need for structure and boundaries.

Hope House is also a future-thinking organization, striving to be experts in our field. We invest in each employee, providing opportunities to pursue individual passions, gifts and strengths. Our staff is a unified team, pursuing excellence in all we do. We serve with integrity, humility, and respect for one another, in an environment that combines professionalism with fun, humor, and even a little bit of silliness each day!

Vacation Time:

Salaried employees receive 15 days or three weeks of PTO upon hire. Employees also receive 9 paid holidays every year. This totals to 24 paid days off every year. And, after five years, employees receive five weeks of PTO, plus 9 paid holidays.

Make a Difference:

Hope House is committed to empowering teen moms, changing the future for two generations! Our teen moms are building new lives for themselves and their little ones, and our stats prove how hard they are working. For example, our GED Program has an 80% graduation rate, 90% of our Residential Program graduates have reached self-sufficiency, and 80% of the children in our Early Learning Program reached their targeted goal last year. Hope House is on track to serve 200 teen moms and 300 children this year — join our team and make a real difference in your very own community!

Open Positions:


Summary: The Early Learning Teacher (ELT) is responsible for maintaining a warm, welcoming, loving, educational and orderly environment while providing responsive care to infants, toddlers or preschoolers, implementing activities that provide children opportunities to practice developmental milestones, especially in the developmental areas of language and social-emotional.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Build a trusting relationship with each child and mom through daily communication in a warm, approachable and supportive manner
  • Provided individualized care for children
  • Create an environment that supports and encourages exploration
  • Ensure children’s safety and health
  • Observe and document children’s development
  • Provide consistent, caring, sensitive and response interactions with children using positive techniques
  • Model appropriate teacher/child interactions
  • Provide daily activities based on children’s needs and interest that stimulate learning in developmental areas- especially language and social-emotional
  • Utilize the comprehensive and developmentally appropriate curriculum, The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos to lead children to meet objective targets.
  • Be comfortable implementing a Christian element into daily activities
  • Attend required meetings

Physical Requirements:

  • Ability to conduct activities involving kneeling, bending, crouching, crawling, twisting, reaching
  • Supervise children by sight and sound
  • Sit on the floor or crouch at child’s level
  • Lift children weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Ability to push or pull 50 pounds
  • Grasp and manipulate equipment and materials
  • Respond to unanticipated situations involving activities of young children


  • Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in early childhood education is preferred.
  • Experience working with the children of at-risk populations is preferred.
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in early childhood education, preferably with infants and toddlers.
  • Knowledge of early childhood education and child development principles and practices.
  • Highly organized and detail oriented.
  • Excellent communication skills, collaboration and teamwork skills and the ability to work well with others.
  1. Female and over the age of twenty-one.
  2. Possess a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance.
  3. A background/criminal check and drug test must be completed before employment is granted.
  4. Competencies:
  • Teamwork
    Promotes cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and deliverables
  • Relationship building
    Builds constructive working relationships characterized by a high level of acceptance, cooperation, and mutual respect
  • Stress Tolerance
    Maintains composure in highly stressful or adverse situations
  • Planning and organizing
    Coordinates ideas and resources to achieve goals
  • Approachability
    Easy to approach and talk to
  • Career Ambition
    Knows what she wants from a career and actively works on it
  • Compassion
    Genuinely cares about people
  • Ethics and values
    Adheres to an appropriate and effective set of core values and beliefs during both good and bad times
  • Humor
    Has a positive and constructive sense of humor
  • Personal Learning
    Picks up on the need to change personal, interpersonal and managerial behaviors quickly
  • Priority Setting
    Spends time and the time of others on what’s important
  • Problem solving
    Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions
  • Time Management
    Uses time effectively and efficiently

TO APPLY: Send cover letter and resume to




Mission Statement
Hope House of Colorado empowers parenting teenage moms to achieve personal and economic self-sufficiency and to understand their significance in God’s sight, resulting in a healthy future for them and for their children.

Title:  Live-In Residential Counselor
Reports to:  Residential Program Manager

Basic Summary: Residential Counselors maintain the structure of the Hope House Program, enforce adherence to rules and policies as well provide encouragement, relationship and fellowship to Hope House residents. Live-in Residential Counselor will be provided with private quarters and community kitchen to use during their tenure at Hope House, as well as a monthly stipend.


  1. Supervise the Residential Program during overnight hours. Live-in RC may sleep while residents are sleeping, but must be available to be assist residents if they need assistance during the middle of the night.
  2. Oversee and adhere to house schedule.
  3. Oversee residents returning from job training, approved activities and/or appointments.
  4. Transport residents and their children to and from appointments as needed.
  5. Eat dinner with the residents and their children during scheduled evenings and oversee dinner preparation and clean up.
  6. Supervise all on-site teen moms, visitors or volunteers.
  7. Help with childcare/children’s program as needed.
  8. Daily document residents’ behavior, attitude, and performance in Daily Activity Evaluation notebook.
  9. Adhere to Residential Program Handbook and Staff Handbook.
  10. Report residents’ appointments and schedules to Residential Family Advocate.
  11. Hold the residents accountable to the Hope House rules, policies, and expectations set forth in the Program and Staff Handbook.
  12. Follow all Hope House security procedures.
  13. Build trusting relationships with residents, be a good listener, spend time with residents during shifts.
  14. Supports residents in achieving their Individual growth plan, completing tasks with residents as assigned by the RFA.
  15. Keep common areas of the house clean and organized and maintains atmosphere that is ready for tours at all times. Advise Residential Program Manager of any deficiencies in the cleanliness and safety of house/grounds.
  16. Respond to emergencies as needed.


  1. Applicant must be female and over the age of 21.
  2. Applicant must have a valid driver’s license and current automobile insurance.
  3. A background/criminal check must be completed before employment is granted.
  4. Experience working with at-risk adolescent girls and teen mom’s a plus.
  5. Must have good leadership skills and the ability to work well with others.
  6. Must sign 1-year contract for position and remain on-site during the hours of:
    1. Overnight, Monday-Thursday, Saturday & Sunday (9:00pm – 8:00am)
    2. 2 evening shifts a week (4:30pm-9:00pm)
    3. Staff Meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month
    4. All-Staff Meetings which occur 5x a year on the 4th Thursday of the month, 9:00-11:00am
    5. Exceptions will be made for approved vacation time or as needed with prior approval and shift coverage.

To apply: email resume and cover letter to

Employee comments
I love working at Hope House because I am passionate about the mission of empowering teen moms.  I also love the flexibility of my job, my amazing co-workers, and how supportive Hope House is to working moms.

– Melinda Smith,
Parenting Coordinator

I love working at Hope House! Not only do I have the opportunity to help change the lives of the girls we serve, but I get to work alongside other amazing women who inspire me and make me laugh every day!

– Jenny Macias,
Program Director

“I started at Hope House as a volunteer and became involved with different pieces of the organization. When  a part-time Residential Counselor position opened up, I applied and was hired. This position allowed me to gain valuable experience working with teen moms, and today I am the Residential Program Manager. Hope House has given me a great opportunity to advance my career while working with self-motivated young women.”

 – Kara Mapel,
Residential Program Manager