Where Is She Now? - 04/18/2018

Chantia came to Hope House with a 7th grade education -- and she had been told by many that she wouldn't ever succeed at school...

You Will Love This Video - 04/17/2018

We provide the resources and tools, but our teen moms provide the grit and determination...

Ready for Mother's Day? - 04/14/2018

Pancakes, coffee, candy, devotional, yoga or spa products…

Hope House Teen Mom Wins Adams County Youth Award - 04/02/2018

The teen moms at Hope House are true heroes… Kathryn is no exception.

Girls Night Out for Hope House - 03/31/2018

Who doesn't love a night out with the girls?! Echter's Nursery...

Put Your Social Media Skills to Work - 03/26/2018

The Hope House 5K & Fun Run is coming up on Sat., May 5...

Hope House 5K & Fun Run: Registration Open - 03/15/2018

Please join us for our 5th Annual Hope House 5K & Fun Run

Annual Report: A Fun Look Back! - 03/12/2018

Check out the highlights of 2017 in our Annual Report...

Open House this Tuesday - 03/05/2018

You are invited!

Easter is Coming: Meals Needed - 02/27/2018

Easter is coming... and we need meals! Can you provide...

Latest Grads Share Their Dreams - 02/14/2018

Congrats to our latest grads! Check out their goals and dreams...

This Grad Has a Message for You! - 02/12/2018

Check out what this amazing graduate has to say in a short video...

The Challenge Is On: Monthly Donors Needed! - 01/30/2018

Here comes the challenge... we hope to find enough...

One Short Video Says It All - 01/29/2018

Check out this fabulous little video...

Blog Post: Growth Cycles of a Nonprofit - 01/22/2018

Check out this month's blog post!

Hope House Named Non-Profit of the Year - 01/18/2018

We are excited to announce that the Arvada Chamber...

In Her Own Words - 01/15/2018

Things are really coming together for me...

Hope House Classic: Save the Date - 01/04/2018

Hope House is pleased to announce that the Sanctuary has once again invited us to...

In Her Own Words - 01/03/2018

An amazing 150 of our Hope House champions gave over 500 hours of their time to make sure our Christmas Shop...

2017 Snapshot - 01/02/2018

Take a peek and see how your support made a real impact on our teen moms in 2017!

Merry Christmas from our Little Ones! - 12/20/2017

We wish you a merry Christmas - and no one says it better than the kids of our teen moms!

What did she decide? - 12/18/2017

Maria is a Hope House teen mom who faced a HUGE crossroads during her journey with us…

Just 8 Pennies - 12/15/2017

Did you know that only 8 cents of every dollar donated to nonprofits goes to organizations that serve women and children?

Thank you for making our Christmas Shop come true! - 12/12/2017

All thanks to you!

Colorado Gives Day - 12/06/2017

Thank You!

Colorado Gives is Now: Make a Real Difference Today! - 12/05/2017

Your donation to Hope House will be doubled, up to $10,000

Pre-Schedule your Colorado Gives Donation Now! - 11/29/2017

Give where you live!

Get Ready to Cheer! - 11/28/2017

Hear straight from our teen moms how Hope House is changing the future for them...

Calling Cyber Monday Shoppers! - 11/27/2017

We need your help to make our Christmas Store a success...

#GivingTuesday: Pre-schedule your Colorado Gives donation on Nov. 28! - 11/21/2017

#GivingTuesday is coming up on November 28...

Blog Post: Family Meals at Hope House Make a Difference - 11/20/2017

Check out this month's blog post where...

Join Us: Cheers for the Holidays! - 11/15/2017

Good news… Hope House was named the beneficiary of Cheers for the Holidays...

Teen Moms Shine at Gala - 11/13/2017

Our 16th Annual Gala was a very special time...

Help Stock Our Christmas Store! - 10/31/2017

We need your help to make our Christmas Store a success!

The Power of Networking - 10/30/2017

Does networking come easy to you or does it feel like hard work? Does it make you...

In Her Own Words - 10/17/2017

"If it weren't for Hope House, I would be working at McDonald's." These are the words of Alisha...

Local Businesses Give Back - 10/09/2017

Hope House enjoys amazing community support, from companies who donate orthodontic services...

Silent Auction Items Needed! - 10/02/2017

Our 16th Annual Gala is coming soon… and we need items for our silent auction!

Our teen moms desperately want to parent differently. - 09/22/2017

At Hope House, our Parenting Program is incredibly important…

Blog Post: Engaging Millennials - 09/20/2017

The truth is that by 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce. By 2030, they will make up 75% of the global workforce...

In Her Own Words - 09/20/2017

With your support, we have the privilege of empowering teen moms at Hope House… and reading messages like the one...

Building Together: Exciting Update - 09/19/2017

We are thrilled to share that we are making some real progress on our new Resource Center.

Suubi: Our Sister Home in Uganda - 09/11/2017

Did you know we partner with Suubi, an organization similar to Hope House but located in Kampala, Uganda?

Congrats, Janeth! - 09/05/2017

Meet Janeth, the latest graduate of our Residential Program.

Gala: Please Join Us! - 08/29/2017

Mark your calendar now for our 16th annual Gala on Saturday, November 11, at the gorgeous Marriott Denver City Center.

Devoted Dreamers - 08/21/2017

Listen to Merritt's latest podcast and hear Lisa share what happened...

61 Backpacks Collected for our Teen Moms and Kids! - 08/18/2017

It's that time of year again... Back-to-School!

Joe Coors Hope House Classic Empowers Teen Moms - 08/01/2017

Joe and Gail Coors first began to champion Hope House teen moms in 2004...

Help Us Fill a Backpack! - 07/25/2017

It's time for our annual drive to assist teen moms and their children as they prepare for...

An Outing at the WOW! Children's Museum - 07/24/2017

"Inspiring learning through play." That is the WOW! Children's Museum's mission...

Beating the Odds: Janelle is Breaking the Cycle - 07/18/2017

Janelle is an impressive young woman who is...

Novartis Brings It! - 07/11/2017

Designed to empower our teen moms and prepare them for the job hunt process, the seminar...

Decades Party… You're Invited - 07/05/2017

Ready to dance the night away… dressed as your favorite decade?

Congrats to our largest class ever! - 07/03/2017

We are extremely proud of our largest graduating class to date! Each of these 13 young women has...

Special Needs & Special Moms - 06/28/2017

There are a handful of exceptional moms at Hope House who tackle even more...

We've broken ground! - 06/26/2017

Hope House is well on its way to building a new Resource Center that will allow us to...

Sand in the City to Benefit Hope House - 06/12/2017

The Arvada Chamber of Commerce once again presents Sand in the City, a two-day weekend event that will benefit Hope House of Colorado!

Colorado Parent Magazine Features Hope House - 06/06/2017

Hope House made the June issue of Colorado Parent Magazine!

Our College Students are Breaking Barriers! - 06/01/2017

This may surprise you, but the fact is only 1% of teen moms will graduate from college. The good news is that...

Volunteer Spotlight: Microsoft Office Training Course for Teen Moms - 05/31/2017

Hope House volunteer Duane Bruno recently led a 3-week Microsoft Office training course for...

Empowering Jackie: A Dependable Car Makes all the Difference - 05/22/2017

A lack of reliable transportation is one of the biggest obstacles our teen moms face. Whether it is a car that...

Job Up: New Workplace Readiness Class - 05/19/2017

We recently launched a new series of classes, called Job Up, that focuses on social-emotional intelligence...

Going the Distance: 5K & Fun Run Update - 05/15/2017

The 4th annual Hope House 5K & Fun Run was a fantastic success! It proved to be a beautiful sunny day...

Joe Coors Hope House Classic Coming Soon - 05/10/2017

We are excited to announce that the 13th Annual Joe Coors Hope House Classic will again be held at the Sanctuary...

Meet our latest Residential Grad! - 04/28/2017

Estephanie has built a beautiful life for herself and her daughter Aliah - but it hasn't been easy...

Latest Blog Post: Connecting through Kids - 04/26/2017

Laura Rech, one of our Early Learning Teachers, shares how the children in our Early Learning Program provide...

Congrats to our latest… - 04/24/2017

Financial Literacy Class graduates! Six of our teen moms recently mastered an important set of skills necessary...

Meet Gio: Early Learning Changes Lives - 04/21/2017

Kudos to Gio, who at five years old is in Advanced Reading at school! Gio's mom brought him to our Early Learning Program...

Use Your Social Media to Help Hope House! - 04/17/2017

Peer-to-peer fundraising makes a big difference when it comes to raising awareness and funds, making it easy to give back

In Her Own Words - 04/14/2017

"You bring out the best in me! Thank you for every helping hand...

Here's why second chances make all the difference - 04/05/2017

"It only took a few days for me to realize that I'd made the wrong decision. My daughter needed me, she depended on me. I couldn't let this be the end of our story."

Girls Night Out! - 04/03/2017

Echter's Garden Center in Arvada is hosting a fabulous Girlfriends Night Out on the evening of Thursday, April 13.

See what happened in 2016! - 04/02/2017

The year 2016 was an exciting time for Hope House as we empowered a record...

Real Life of a Teen Mom Tour - 03/27/2017

You're invited! Please come take our Real Life of a Teen Mom tour on Tuesday, April 4, from 4-6 p.m. at our Resource Center...

Use Your Social Media Skills to Fight Poverty! - 03/20/2017

The Hope House 5K & Fun Run is coming up later this spring, and you can use your social media accounts...

Four Stars for Hope House! - 03/13/2017

Charity Navigator, America's premier independent charity evaluator, recently reviewed Hope House of Colorado for the first time...

What Does Ben Franklin have to do with our Volunteers? - 03/11/2017

As with most nonprofit organizations, volunteers are crucial at Hope House. We could not do what we do without them!

Mark Your Calendar: 5K Coming Soon - 03/06/2017

The Hope House 5K & Fun Run is coming up on Sat., May 6, at Lake Arbor Park...

Parenting Classes Have Impact - 03/01/2017

Hope House is all about empowering teen moms on multiple levels, which is why every participant is required...

This Girl Scout Loves Hope House! - 02/27/2017

Meet Makala Roggenkamp, a high school senior and an accomplished Girl Scout…

Big Thanks to Cocktails for a Cause™! - 02/20/2017

What a night! Cocktails for a Cause™ hosted a fabulous party for Hope House, with...

In the news - 02/17/2017

Hope House was recently featured on the front page...

Meet our Fabulous Family Advocate - 02/14/2017

The teen moms at Hope House love Julie Herrera, our Family Advocate. She is the one who connects our girls...

Girls Night Out for Hope House - 02/10/2017

Cocktails for a Cause™ is hosting a fabulous party on the evening of Wed., Feb. 15, at Wings over the Rockies…

God is on the move! - 02/07/2017

Check out our latest Capital Campaign blog post by our Founder & Executive Director...

I never thought I'd see the day… - 02/05/2017

that I graduated. Who gets to say they got to walk in graduation with their 3-year-old looking at them? I did!

Groundbreaking Marks Historic Moment - 01/31/2017

Now that we've broken ground on our new Resource Center, Hope House is...

Latest blog post: PR in the Non-Profit World - 01/20/2017

Working in the non-profit world requires raising funds… which requires communicating your mission...

A teen mom shares... - 01/19/2017

"Honestly, if it wasn't for Hope House and the staff opening up their doors for me and my son, I would be lost...

Audit Logistics Steps Up - 01/17/2017

Team building with your colleagues or friends can make a real difference! Last year...

How can we thank you? - 01/12/2017

With the support of our amazing community of Hope House champions, we were able to...

Cocktails for a Cause to Get Behind Hope House - 01/10/2017

Believing in the power of women, Cocktails for a Cause™ connects women of all ages and income levels to local charities...

Congrats GED grads! - 01/02/2017

Take a quick peek at this short video taken at our latest GED graduation ceremony. This night celebrates a vital step...

"Not the end of my story" - 01/01/2017

At Hope House we consider our teen moms to be true heroes...

50% Tax Credit Now Available - 12/29/2016

End of the year giving often includes careful planning and strategy...

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a VERY GOOD NIGHT!" - 12/27/2016

Thank you for making our annual Christmas party for our teen moms a night to remember! With the help of our amazing volunteers...

What would you do... - 12/26/2016

if you were in Cassandra's shoes? Check out Cassandra's journey to independence...

I Walk the Line - 12/07/2016

Creating deep connections while maintaining professional boundaries is an ongoing challenge...

Colorado Gives Day Rocked the House! - 12/06/2016

Thank you for believing in the teen moms at Hope House of Colorado!

Please Join Us on Tuesday! - 12/04/2016

You are invited to celebrate the Christmas season at Hope House on Tuesday

HomeAid to Help Build New Resource Center - 12/04/2016

With our self-sufficiency programs maxed out in the limited space we have in the facility...

Colorado Gives Day at Hope House... You're Invited! - 11/25/2016

You are invited to launch the Christmas season at Hope House on Tuesday, Dec. 6th...

Adopt-a-Family and Make a Difference this Christmas - 11/20/2016

Some of you have been waiting for this announcement all year...

Denver Wire Rope & Supply Sponsors 15th Gala - 11/14/2016

One company has proven to be a Gala sponsor every single year since Hope House...

American West Supports Hope House - 11/04/2016

Nonprofit organizations like Hope House depend on local companies that support...

Car Donations: Partnering with Good Neighbor Garage - 10/29/2016

Donate your car to benefit a Hope House teen mom and keep her on the road...

Auction Items Needed! - 10/26/2016

Our 15th annual Gala is coming soon, and we need your help...

Volunteer Opportunities - 10/17/2016

We simply could not do what we do at Hope House without the support...

Love Kids and Giving Back? - 10/05/2016

One of the biggest obstacles our teen moms face as they work

Latest Blog: Supporting Our Rapid Growth - 09/22/2016

Check out our this month's blog as Director of Development Lisa Schlarbaum shares her perspective...

Thanks to you... - 09/20/2016

specific needs in our GED Program will be met! You read about our GED program and

Congrats to our Latest Grads - 09/16/2016

Hope House recently hosted a Graduation celebration, complete with...

Help Us Close the Gap and Get $10,000! - 09/09/2016

Danielle's touching Facebook post and story of transformation inspired...

Fifteenth Annual Gala… Mark Your Calendar Now! - 08/29/2016

Scheduled for November 12th at the Sheraton Denver Downtown, you will not want to miss...

Breaking Out of Poverty - 08/18/2016

Many of the teen moms served at Hope House grew up in generational poverty...

Danielle Persevered! - 08/15/2016

Danielle is a teen mom at Hope House. Recently...

Backpack Drive Steals the Show! - 08/15/2016

Our recent Open House was a big hit, thanks to your participation...

Our Grads Have Big Goals! - 08/03/2016

Breaking out of poverty and reaching self-sufficiency requires earning a GED or other high school...

Backpack Drive & Open House: We Need Your Help - 08/01/2016

"Back to school!!!" New beginnings are exciting and the start of the school year...

Hope House Goes Platinum - 07/26/2016

We are excited to announce Hope House has achieved the Platinum Seal of Transparency rating...

Work Out and Help Hope House! - 07/19/2016

THE WRKOUT, a charity fitness competition to benefit the self-sufficiency programs at Hope House, is coming up August 20th...

Congrats to Largest Class Ever! - 07/18/2016

Earning a GED is a vital step for our teen moms as they work toward self-sufficiency...

What is home to you? - 07/14/2016

This post gives you a sneak peek into what we do at Hope House to make our teen moms feel at home…

Our Teen Moms Give Back! - 07/07/2016

Trish has come a long way from when she first came to Hope House...

Seoul Sisters - 07/01/2016

Hope House is committed to transforming the lives of teen moms around the world. Every year organizations from...

The Power of Mindset - 06/20/2016

Our GED Program is unique… and it works!

Cool new video! - 06/14/2016

Hope House is expanding and the City of Arvada is noticing...

Congrats, grads! - 06/13/2016

How do our teen moms become self-sufficient?

I am a teen mom. The world saw food stamps… - 06/06/2016

Hope House saw a college student...

Volunteers! We need you! - 05/31/2016

Check out our biggest volunteer needs...

Victory for Teen Moms - 05/24/2016

Governor Hickenlooper recently signed a House Bill that makes childcare assistance more accessible for teen parents while they finish school.

Teen Mom Awarded Car - 05/16/2016

A car can make all the difference when it comes to staying on the road to self-sufficiency...

Our Teen Moms Give Back! - 05/14/2016

The teen moms at Hope House believe in giving back, and...

Check Out Our New Instagram Campaign - 05/12/2016

Life Through The Eyes Of A Teen Mom.

Golf Tournament Opportunities at the Sanctuary - 05/03/2016

The big news is that this year's Hope House Classic will be held at the exclusive...

Marv Giddings Award: Meet Darlene - 04/26/2016

Darlene Henke goes big or doesn't go at all!

Addictions are for Real - 04/19/2016

Without argument, addictions are an issue in today's culture...

Move over GED!  - 04/06/2016

Have you heard the great news?...

I Braced Myself... - 04/04/2016

as soon as the words "I teach parenting to teen moms" left my lips...

Ladies Night Out at Echter's Nursery - 03/29/2016

Once again Echter's Nursery & Garden Center is hosting a fun evening at their gorgeous, lush facility...

The Art of Mentoring - 03/23/2016

This month's blog post shares what Hope House has learned when it comes to mentoring teen moms...

"Never Give Up…" - 03/21/2016

Jackie became a teen mom at the age of 15, and by 17 she had...

Video Tells It All - 03/19/2016

Check out this beautiful video! Produced by City Unite, it shows how...

Monthly Donors Help When the Pressure is On - 03/18/2016

This may come as a surprise, but...

Renown Sanctuary to Host Classic - 03/11/2016

Teen moms at Hope House are working hard to change the future for their children - and the Sanctuary, one of Colorado's most prestigious courses, is championing their efforts.

Open House: You're Invited, March 10th! - 03/07/2016

Take our fun, interactive Real Life of a Teen Mom tour and learn how...

Check out our Latest Video - 03/02/2016

The Lion Project is a Denver-based group of film-makers on a mission...

Congrats GED Grads - 02/29/2016

A big round of applause for our latest GED graduates...

Our Family Advocates Rock - 02/24/2016

At Hope House, our Family Advocates work hard to make sure our teen moms have access to...

Latest Blog Post is Live: Teaching Healthy Relationships - 02/17/2016

Helping teen moms navigate healthy relationships alongside the conflicting messages they receive from media, technology, peers and family can be daunting...

Annual Report 2015: A Look Back - 02/15/2016

At Hope House, our mission is to empower teen moms so they can create a bright future for themselves and their child...

Hope House Makes the Denver Post - 02/03/2016

The Denver Post recently published a fantastic story about Hope House...

College & Career Program: The Next Step - 02/02/2016

Earning a GED is an important step toward self-sufficiency, but the next phase -- moving on to...

New Volunteer Position Open: Drivers Needed! - 01/26/2016

Looking for a fun way to volunteer at Hope House and make a meaningful connection with our teen moms and their kids at the same time?

Brain Development: Powerful Info for Teen Moms - 01/22/2016

Understanding the phases of brain development in a child is an important aspect of effective parenting...

Victory for Teen Moms in Colorado - 01/19/2016

If you have followed Hope House for long, you probably know that...

Early Learning Changes Lives - 01/13/2016

Cheri is a lovely Hope House teen mom who grew up quite alone. In fact, she was the only one in her 1st grade class who couldn't ...

Hope House Empowers a Record 153 Teen Moms - 01/07/2016

Hope House served a record-breaking 153 teen moms and 230 children in 2015- which would not have happened without...

Thank you, CoBiz Financial! - 01/06/2016

Transportation is one of the biggest obstacles our teen moms face while they are working hard to reach self-sufficiency. That is why our...

Kingdom Business Alliance Event to Benefit Hope House - 01/05/2016

How do businesses thrive during uncertainty? 2016 Business Breakthrough, offered by Kingdom Business Alliance, answers the question with specific guidance and data that can help your company in the upcoming year...

Thank You for Making our Teen Mom Christmas Party Merry & Bright! - 12/18/2015

Hope House successfully hosted its largest Teen Mom Christmas Party to date for over 200 teen moms and their children...

Year End Giving: Help us Close the Gap - 12/16/2015

As you consider your year-end donations, keep Hope House of Colorado in mind...

Ariel's story will warm your heart… - 12/15/2015

At just 18 years old, Ariel was tired. She had dropped out of school...

Thanks to YOU, Colorado Gives Day Breaks All Records! - 12/09/2015

Give Where You Live is the theme of Colorado Gives Day, and Hope House...

Christmas Open House Dec. 8th on Colorado Gives Day - 11/24/2015

Come visit our upcoming Christmas Open House...

Every Teen Mom Has a Story - 11/19/2015

… including those at Hope House!

Hope House featured in Her Life magazine - 11/18/2015

Hope House recently received the Governor's Service Award for Outstanding Nonprofit Organization 2015...

How can you help at Hope House? - 11/11/2015

There are many ways you can get involved. Here are a few fun ideas...

Hope House Gala: A Night to Remember - 11/10/2015

Thanks to our amazing community, our annual Gala raised a record...

Tricks & Treats - 11/04/2015

In the spirit of the season, Hope House recently transformed itself into a house of fun...

Congrats! - 10/26/2015

A big shout out to our most recent GED graduates. Five of our teen moms graduated...

A Day at the Farm! - 10/23/2015

One of the goals at Hope House is to teach our teen moms how to introduce their children to a broader world and engage in interactive, fun activities as a part of healthy parenting.

Silent Auction Items Needed - 10/15/2015

Do you own a business -- or have a great connection? You may be able to help us...

Boutique Night a Blast! - 10/13/2015

Most of our teen moms did not go to their prom and have never been to any type of formal event, so attending...

Hope House Snapshot - 09/30/2015

It has been a busy year at Hope House!

Soroptimists Empower Teen Moms - 09/23/2015

Soroptimist International is an organization for professional women who provide volunteer service to their communities...

Mrs. Colorado Visits Hope House - 09/16/2015

Kimberly Reece, Mrs. Colorado United States, recently surprised Hope House with...

Before Hope House… Coolest Video! - 09/14/2015

A volunteer videographer recently put together a fantastic video...

We're Almost There! - 09/10/2015

Our newly expedited Residential program is helping more teen moms than ever before reach self-sufficiency, and we are trying to raise $30,000 to keep...

Highest Needs - 09/08/2015

People often ask what we need the most. The answers may surprise you...

Hope House of Colorado Receives Governor's Service Award Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia Recognizes Hope House as Outstanding Nonprofit Organization - 09/04/2015

(Denver) Hope House of Colorado was recognized by Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia's office as Outstanding Nonprofit Organization at the 2015 Governor's Service Awards ceremony.

Video Featuring Hope House Career Partner Program! - 09/02/2015

Businesses in the metro-Denver community are partnering with Hope House to provide...

Hope House Receives Coveted Governor's Service Award - 09/01/2015

We are excited to announce that Hope House was named Outstanding Nonprofit Organization in Colorado at a beautiful ceremony at the State Capitol in downtown Denver...

Give and We Can Do More of This! - 08/28/2015

Danielle went from being homeless and pregnant to providing a healthy home for her baby girl, Nadia. Read how the...

On TV! - 08/24/2015

Hope House has been in the news lately -- and we are so excited for the opportunity to tell our community more about the amazing teen moms at Hope House.

Gala 2015: Save the Date! - 08/05/2015

Our 14th annual Gala is sure to be a spectacular night at the gorgeous Sheraton Denver Downtown, so mark your calendar now for Saturday, November 7th.

Transportation is a Barrier: Urgent Need for Cars! - 08/04/2015

Imagine walking to a bus stop and then navigating several bus lines -- with a baby and a diaper bag and a stroller...

Ready for School! - 08/03/2015

With your help, we were able to provide backpacks and school supplies to 36 teen moms and children, making sure they are ready to start the year right.

Early Learning: More Likely To... - 07/28/2015

Studies show that kids who attend a quality Early Learning program are more likely to...

Real Life of a Teen Mom Tour & Open House this Thursday - 07/27/2015

Please join us for an Open House on Thursday, July 30th - and take our Real Life of a Teen Mom tour and meet some of our teen moms...

BackPack Drive Off & Running! - 07/17/2015

Thank you for making sure all of our kids have the backpacks and school supplies they need to start the year right...

Would you know how to survive in poverty? - 07/17/2015

If so, you would likely need to know which convenience stores throw out expired, over-the-counter medications. You would need to know how to...

Backpack Drive Is On! - 07/14/2015

Can you make that first day of school special for a Hope House child or teen mom? Then you might want to check out our annual back-to-school BackPack Drive!

Take me out to the Zoo! - 07/01/2015

Thanks to the generosity of Art Reach, Hope House had the privilege of taking nearly 60 teen moms and kids to the Denver Zoo!

$140,000 is a Big Deal! - 06/30/2015

As a beneficiary of this year's annual Biz Bash, Hope House is thrilled to be the recipient of an $140,000 award from CoBiz Financial...

Congrats to our latest GED graduates! - 06/22/2015

The latest class of our amazing teen moms graduated from our GED Program last week, and our GED Graduation Ceremony was complete with caps and gowns!

Parenting Class Rocks! - 06/17/2015

Hope House provides a Nurturing Parenting Course to the teen moms in our Residential and Community Programs -- and they are now one of the busiest classes at Hope House...

The Hope House Classic was a Hit! - 06/16/2015

The 11th Annual Hope House Classic raised $123,000 for the College and Career Program, designed to empower disadvantaged teen moms who are working hard toward economic self-sufficiency...

The jangling phone startled me awake... - 06/11/2015

A glance at the clock told me it was just past midnight. As soon as I recognized the voice of the crying girl on the other end of the line, my heartbeat spiked. 19-year-old Ellie* had recently left her abusive boyfriend...

Our Sister House in Uganda - 06/03/2015

Did you know we have a sister home in Uganda? Suubi (which means "hope"!) House is a place where young moms in Uganda can go after they have their child - young moms who literally have nowhere to go with their child.

Butterfly Pavilion - 05/18/2015

Everyone loves a good field trip, and the kids of our teen moms are no exception...

Parent Teacher Conferences - 05/11/2015

It's that time of year for Parent Teacher Conferences, an important communication tool in any educational program. Recently Hope House hosted 16 conferences with teen moms who...

Celebrating Biz Bash - 05/01/2015

A huge shout out to CoBiz Financial for honoring and benefiting Hope House at its annual Biz Bash!

Thank you, Echters! - 04/24/2015

Echter's Nursery & Garden Center chose Hope House as its beneficiary for its recent Girls Night Out. The evening included...

Honoring Our Volunteers - 04/22/2015

Last year 245 volunteers gave us an amazing 8,000-plus hours of their valuable time, and we...

Sold Out! - 04/08/2015

Biz Bash is always one of the hottest fundraisers in Denver, and with Kenny Loggins headlining this year's event...

Can You Tutor a Teen Mom? - 04/07/2015

Hope House is growing, and we currently have more teen moms in our GED Program than ever before...

Meals for Easter! - 04/01/2015

We have a fun Easter Egg Hunt planned for the children of our teen moms this Saturday, and in addition to the excitement and festivities...

Easter Baskets! - 03/23/2015

Would you like to help us fill Easter baskets for the kids of our teen moms? We are preparing for an Easter Egg hunt...

You're Invited to our Open House this Thursday! - 03/17/2015

Please join us for an Open House on Thursday, March 19th...

See how you made a difference in 2014! - 02/25/2015

Hope House served 134 teen moms and 200 kids last year, and we could not have done it without our amazing community of support…

On the radio! - 02/17/2015

Recently Danielle, one of the teen moms in our Residential Program, and Lisa Steven, our Founder & Executive Director, were featured on News/Talk 710KNUS.

Brew & Stew is Back! - 02/16/2015

Hope House is excited to invite you to our second annual Brew & Stew, featuring delicious all-you-can eat soups and stews as well as all-you-can-drink beer, provided by local breweries and restaurants.

"We own it!" - 01/30/2015

Please celebrate with Lisa Steven and the staff and teen moms at Hope House! The land adjacent to our Residential house...

Learning Lab Open Four Nights a Week - 01/08/2015

As the only free resource in the Denver-metro area offering teen moms free Residential, GED and other self-sufficiency programs, Hope House is bursting at the seams...

Hope House Set to Purchase Land for Proposed Resource Center - 01/06/2015

Arvada City Council recently approved Hope House of Colorado's rezoning request of the land that is adjacent to our Residential house in Arvada...

Check out our final blog post of the year about common teen mom misconceptions - 12/29/2014

In her final blog post of the year, Hope House Executive Director Lisa Steven challenges the idea that teen moms are self-absorbed...

Christmas Party: Your Gifts Made a Difference - 12/19/2014

Once again Hope House's annual Christmas party proved to be a fantastic night with our teen moms and their children enjoying an evening of good food, great presents and a lot of love...

See how our Early Learning Program is changing the future - 12/18/2014

It's Wednesday, and the Resource center is full of teen moms studying for their GED or working on college homework. It's cold outside...

Colorado Gives Day a Smashing Success - 12/10/2014

Non-profits across the state received record-breaking donations during this year's Colorado Gives Day, including Hope House. In fact, Hope House received a total of $58,598...

Meet our Youngest Donor - 12/09/2014

Andrew may be just six years old, but he knew what he wanted for Christmas. So he told his parents he needed to find a way to help Santa find other kids who really need presents...

Colorado Gives Day: Double Your Donation - 12/02/2014

In honor of Colorado Gives Day, Hope House has received $21,000 in matching funds...

Career Partner Breakfast: Is Your Business a Fit? - 11/24/2014

Interested in learning more about the Career Partner Program at Hope House of Colorado? Internships and jobs give our teen moms valuable work experience and a chance to learn new skills…

Christmas Open House Dec. 9th - 11/21/2014

December 9th is Colorado Gives Day, and we will also be hosting our annual Christmas Open House on that day...

Hope House Wins Citywide Banks Contest - 11/20/2014

Citywide Banks recently chose Hope House as one of seven nominees for its Charity Hand-Up Contest on Facebook...

13th Annual Gala Breaks All Records! - 11/12/2014

Hope House thanks you for believing in our teen moms. Our Hope House champions sold out the house and helped us raise a record...

Vote and help Hope House win $5,000! - 11/06/2014

Can you take a quick minute to vote for Hope House and help us win $5,000 for our GED Program?

Teen Mom Misconceptions - 11/05/2014

Check out our latest blog that addresses another common misconception about teen moms. You might be surprised by what you read...

Silent Auction Items Needed! - 10/29/2014

Our annual Gala is fast approaching, and we are in need of a few more fun items for our Silent Auction...

A Big Shout Out to The Wrkout! - 10/22/2014

Core Progression Elite Personal Training Gym recently hosted The Wrkout, a competitive event designed to test strength and endurance. The event was a success

Want to Work Out and Help Hope House? - 10/08/2014

Announcing The Wrkout, a fun. competitive event on Sat., Oct. 18th, featuring unique exercises that will test your strength and...

Thank you, FirstBank! - 10/07/2014

We are excited to announce that thanks to your 5,546 votes, Hope House won $1,000 through FirstBank's Philanthropy Friday!

Fantastic Blog Post by Hope House Grad - 10/01/2014

This month's post, titled Misconception #5: Success is Impossible, was written by Lauren, one of our very own Hope House graduates.

Vote for us online at FirstBank! - 09/30/2014

We are honored to announce that FirstBank's Philanthropy Friday is featuring Hope House this week, and you can help us win $1,000 by voting for Hope House.

Thank You Turtle Trekkers! - 09/23/2014

The Turtle Trek, an annual 5K sponsored by the Richard Lambert Foundation, turned out once again to be a...

Congrats to our new Residential grads! - 09/17/2014

To graduate from the Hope House Residential Program is no easy feat…

Volunteers from around the World - 09/09/2014

Last year 220 volunteers gave their time to support Hope House's self-sufficiency programs for teen moms. Last week we had the privilege of hosting...

Run the Turtle Trek this Saturday! - 08/25/2014

The Turtle Trek, an annual 5K/15K sponsored by the Richard Lambert Foundation, has again chosen Hope House as a beneficiary of this family-friendly run.

Backpacks Bring Smiles - 08/20/2014

For the second year in a row, several of our supporters purchased Back-to-School backpacks and filled them with school supplies...

We serve over 4,200 meals a year! - 08/12/2014

Did you know that nearly 100% of the teen moms and children we serve live below the poverty line? At times they face choices between groceries and bills…

GED Graduation Scheduled! - 08/05/2014

As you may have read in our recent communication, Hope House had to cancel its Spring GED Graduation for the first time ever...

Hope House Classic Is a Hit - 08/04/2014

The 10th Annual Hope House Classic, held at Colorado Golf Club in Parker, turned out to be a fantastic day of support on all fronts. The event raised $135,000...

Shame Doesn't Work! - 07/30/2014

At Hope House, we work so hard to help our teen moms see themselves the way we believe God sees them...

Vote Now and Help Us Win! - 07/22/2014

If we get the most votes in the Why Westminster Video Contest, Hope House will receive $1,000!

Back-to-School Backpack Drive! - 07/22/2014

Would you like to put together a back-to-school backpack for the child of one of our teen moms?

Play volleyball and Help Hope House - 07/15/2014

Spike the Rockies Volleyball Tournament will be held at Clement Park in Littleton on Sat., July 20th, as a benefit for our self-sufficiency programs for teen moms!

The new GED is effecting the entire state - 07/14/2014

In fact, Hope House had to cancel its GED Graduation for the first time ever...

Thanks to you, we just need one more car! - 07/09/2014

We shared with you the fact that reliable transportation is one of the biggest obstacles to self-sufficiency...

Audit Logistics Brings Lunch! - 07/02/2014

A big thank you to Audit Logistics for bringing...

We need cars! - 06/25/2014

Reliable transportation is one of the biggest obstacles to self-sufficiency, and we have spent...

Want to Work Out and Help Hope House? - 06/18/2014

Announcing The Wrkout, a competitive event featuring unique exercises that will test your strength and endurance at Core Progression Elite Personal Training Gym...

Meet Teen Mom Erstina - 06/11/2014

Introducing Erstina, a teen mom in our GED Program, and Antonio, her darling little 2-year-old...

Teen Mom Misconceptions: Check out our Blog - 06/05/2014

Eight pair of teenage eyes stared back at me. It was our first meeting. I sat on the couch, surrounded by blank-faced high school girls...

Transformational Love Rebuilding Lives! - 05/28/2014

For the first time in my life I was surrounded by people who loved me...

Because they want someone to love them? - 05/21/2014

Lisa Steven, Executive Director of Hope House, takes on this controversial topic regarding teen moms in her latest blog post.

Our Teen Moms Give Back - 05/14/2014

For the second year in a row, Hope House teen moms and their children participated in the City of Westminster' annual Pride Day Clean-Up...

Thank You for Helping Break the Cycle! - 05/14/2014

A big thank you to all who donated to the Matching Campaign...

Derby Dash Recap - 05/09/2014

Hope House held its first 5K, the Derby Dash, last Saturday, and...

Give $10 and Double your Donation! - 04/30/2014

We are hoping to have 250 people donate $10...

Meet Teen Mom Kylie! - 04/24/2014

Kylie attends our GED Program, which is an important first step in achieving self-sufficiency...

Misconceptions about Teen Moms - 04/22/2014

Our society tends to judge teen moms harshly, and reality shows such as MTV's popular 16 and Pregnant...

Real Life of a Teen Mom Tour this Thursday, April 17th! - 04/10/2014

Meet some of our teen moms and their children as well as Hope House staff

A Shocking Stat and the Reality of Hunger - 04/08/2014

Because 67% of teen moms in Colorado live below the poverty line, hunger is a real issue for them. That is why...

Can the cycle of abuse be broken? - 03/31/2014

Read Brittany's inspirational story and learn more...

Safeway, Amazon & King Soopers Shoppers: Free money for Hope House! - 03/24/2014

If you buy your groceries or gas at King Soopers or Safeway, or shop on Amazon, you can have part of your purchase donated to Hope House -- at no additional cost to you.

Giving the Children of our Teen Moms a Stronger Start: Introducing our new Early Learning Program - 03/24/2014

Teen moms striving to break the cycle of poverty usually have a limited vocabulary and lack the ability to communicate with standard word choice.

Connecting across the Continents: Teen Moms and the People who Love Them - 03/19/2014

Teen moms are strikingly similar whether they live in the U.S. , Singapore, France or Uganda!

Thanks to YOU… Our first annual Brew & Stew rocked! - 03/11/2014

Thank you so very much for supporting our first annual Brew & Stew, a new Hope House event showcasing excellent Colorado craft beer and some of the best soups and stews in Denver...

Congratulations to our latest GED graduates! - 03/10/2014

The latest class of our amazing teen moms graduated from our GED Program last week...

Lisa Steven Named Arvada's Woman of the Year! - 03/07/2014

Lisa Steven, Hope House of Colorado's Executive Director and Co-founder, was officially named Arvada's Woman of the Year by the Arvada Chamber of Commerce...

Safeway, Amazon & King Soopers shoppers: Free money for Hope House! - 03/06/2014

If you buy your groceries or gas at King Soopers or Safeway, or shop on Amazon, you can have part of your purchase donated to Hope House -- at no additional cost to you...

Can you break out of poverty with a vocabulary of just 900 words? - 03/04/2014

Read Lisa Steven's latest blog entry to meet little Darrien and see how our new Early Learning program for the children of our teen moms is key to...

Did you know one year of diapers costs about $900? - 02/26/2014

Sometimes our teen moms have a hard time making ends meet. Scroll down this page to see how you can help a teen mom make ends meet this month while she works to become self-sufficient!

Hope House grads give back! - 02/26/2014

Jamie is a graduate of our Residential Program, and she has matured into a sharp young woman who is an excellent mother -- and a volunteer at Hope House.

Real Life of a Teen Mom Tour This Thursday! - 02/19/2014

Please visit the Open House at our Resource Center on Thursday, Feb. 20, and meet some of our teen moms...

Million for What Matters: Win a brand new Ford Mustang! - 02/19/2014

100% of your purchase price goes back to Hope House...

Shop for a Cause at Heart for Hope on Sat., Feb. 22 - 02/12/2014

Help pay for a teen mom's GED testing fee and shop fun boutique items at the same time!

The Story of Hope: Hope House Staff Member Publishes Book - 02/03/2014

Trisha Daly, Healthy Relationships Coordinator at Hope House, found it impossible to find curriculum...

Teen Mom Career Fair - 01/28/2014

On Saturday, 30 professional women from a variety of careers helped us host a Job Fair...

I alone cannot change the world... - 01/24/2014

but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. -Mother Teresa

Sponsor a Needed Item and Make a Real Difference! - 01/22/2014

Navigate to the bottom of our homepage and view our new Donation Board to see the items you can sponsor...

Open House this Thursday! - 01/17/2014

Want to take our fun, interactive REAL LIFE OF A TEEN MOM Tour? Come visit our next Open House on Thursday, Jan. 23...

Our Volunteers Come in All Sizes - 01/07/2014

In 2013 our wonderful volunteers gave us over 11,300 hours of help, including this little guy...

Baby, It's Still Cold Outside! - 01/06/2014

Did you receive a new coat for Christmas and now have an extra one in your closet?

Our Pilot Learning Lab Program was a Success - 12/30/2013

Last fall we noticed that many of our GED teen moms who moved on to college or vocational school were dropping out -- and not because they weren't motivated!

Just 8 Cents... - 12/27/2013

Did you know that of every dollar donated to non-profit organizations, only 8 pennies goes toward organizations for women and girls? Read more about the importance of investing...

Christmas Carnival: Our teen moms and their little ones celebrate! - 12/23/2013

Our annual Christmas Party for our teen moms and their kids was a blast!...

Original Artwork to Benefit Hope House - 12/18/2013

Allison Danielle is an amazing, young artist who specializes in acrylic and wood burning on wood panels...

Gracey Raye had a miracle Christmas... - 12/13/2013

Please help us create more miracles this season!

Thank you! Colorado Gives Day Rocked - 12/11/2013

YOU helped us raise over $45,000 on Colorado Gives Day -- a record for Hope House!

Christmas Open House this Tuesday! - 12/05/2013

Please join us at our Open House on Tuesday, December 10th, and take our Real Life of a Teen Mom tour.

A big thank you to Echter's for Believing in our Teen Moms! - 12/03/2013

Echter's Garden Center recently hosted a special evening for Hope House in their gorgeous green houses that are all decked out for Christmas! This lovely event featured...

Help a Teen Mom Celebrate Christmas! - 11/22/2013

Nearly all of our teen moms and their children live below the poverty line, and most of them could use a little help celebrating Christmas this year...

Our 12th Annual Gala Rocked! Thank you for empowering teen moms! - 11/12/2013

Hope House thanks you for believing in our teen moms! Our 12th Annual Gala sold out, and we raised...

An Evening of Hope -- Party with a Purpose at Echter's! - 11/12/2013

Join us for an evening of fun! Echter's Garden Center is once again partnering with local businesses for a special evening during the season of giving…

Adopt-a-Family this Christmas - 11/07/2013

Many of our teen moms and their children would be without gifts at Christmas if it weren't for our wonderful supporters...

Hope House Volunteers Rock! - 11/07/2013

We have amazing volunteers, and October was a truly stellar month for Hope House with...

Vanessa's life is changed - thanks to you! - 10/31/2013

Vanessa* first used alcohol at the tender age of 8. She dropped out of school in 10th grade and became a mom at age 16. Unfortunately these are common realities for a young woman growing up in poverty.

The Story of Hope: The Journey of a Teen Mom - 10/16/2013

Hope House now has published authors on staff! Our new curriculum, The Story of Hope, which focuses on healthy relationships and teenage moms, was written by Hope House staff member Trisha Daly and former staff member Robin Scott.

Celebrate with us Nov. 9th… Gala tickets are going fast! - 10/16/2013

Everyone has a story, including each of our teen moms. Don't miss this unforgettable evening, where you will hear one of our girls share her inspirational journey toward self-sufficiency and independence.

Spaghetti, salad and rolls - 10/15/2013

The harsh reality is that many of our teen moms struggle to feed themselves and their child -- which is no surprise when you realize that 100% of our teen moms do not earn enough money to rise above the poverty line (yet!).

Silent Auction: Items needed! - 10/07/2013

Do you own a business or know someone who does? You can donate a meal, a service, or some other fun item! Past donations have included jewelry, designer purses, camping equipment, toys, games, scooters, sporting tickets, mountain stays, and more!

Congratulations GED Graduates! - 10/06/2013

An impressive 80% of our teen moms successfully earn their GED, with 90% receiving guidance and assistance as they move on to post-secondary education.

Local Businesses Believe in our Teen Moms - 10/02/2013

Local companies involved in Hope House's Career Partner Program provide a unique opportunity for our teen moms to gain work experience and skills.

Fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen - 09/27/2013

Mark your calendar now for Wednesday Oct. 2nd or Thursday Oct. 3rd… Eat at California Pizza Kitchen

Open House: Join Us and Take our - 09/17/2013

Please join us at our next Open House on Thursday, Sept. 26, from 4:30 - 7 p.m. at our Resource Center in Westminster. You can take our interactive "Real Life of a Teen Mom" tour.

You are invited to The Art of Hope - 09/10/2013

Please join us at The Art of Hope. Entry is free and all original artworks will be available for purchase, with proceeds benefiting Hope House.

Learning Lab Launch! - 09/03/2013

Did you know only 1% of teen moms will graduate from college? And post-secondary education is essential for achieving self-sufficiency!

Thanks for celebrating 10 years! - 08/23/2013

Our 10-Year Anniversary party was a fantastic evening… the kids loved having their faces painted and climbing all over the city fire truck…

Hope House is turning 10! Come celebrate! - 08/19/2013

This fun outdoor party will feature live music, a free bouncy castle and face painting for the kids.

Hope House Annual Gala Nov. 9! Register Now - 08/18/2013

Would you like to hear a few of our teen moms share about...

Turtle Trek: Run for a Cause - 08/13/2013

The Annual Turtle Trek, a 5K in memory of Richard Lambert, will be held on Sat., Sept. 21, at Barr Lake State Park in Brighton. Proceeds benefit Hope House.

Twitter: It's Official - 08/05/2013

Interested in following Hope House of Colorado?

Enjoy Mexican food and help Hope House - 07/17/2013

Eat at Jose O'Shea's in Lakewood anytime on July 23rd, and 20% of the proceeds will go to Hope House

Only 1% of teen moms... - 07/08/2013

Our new Learning Lab will change a national statistic!

Our Volunteers Rock - 07/03/2013

In 2012 alone, 215 people gave over 9,400 hours of their time, accomplishing...

GED Graduation - 06/27/2013

We are so proud of our teen moms who...

2013 Hope House Classic a Success! - 06/18/2013

Thank you for making our Golf Tournament a success!

Hunger is Real: Hope House Gift Card Drive - 06/10/2013

Teen Moms Living Below the Poverty Line

Last call for Donated Wedding Dresses! - 06/04/2013

Help a teen mom in Uganda, donate a wedding or bridesmaid dress today!

Volunteer Opportunity: Bring a meal for a teen mom class - 05/22/2013

Hunger is reality many of our teen moms face, and they often show up hungry...

Shop King Soopers and Support Teen Moms at Hope House - 05/15/2013

If 100 families use a Hope House King Soopers gift card this year, Hope House will earn approximately $30,000 - enough to cover our gas and grocery bills for the entire year!

Thank you to Concert for Kids! - 05/13/2013

Thanks to their hard work, Hope House looks better than ever!

Real Life of a Teen Mom - 05/01/2013

Our next Open House on Thursday, May 9, will give you a chance to take this fun, interactive tour and meet some of our teen moms and their little ones.

Teen Moms Finish Strong! - 04/29/2013

Twelve teen moms and 13 staff members successfully completed the Graffiti 5K -- a FIRST for these young moms!

40 teen moms say thank you! - 04/18/2013

Many of you read about the inspiring journey of Jessica, one of our teen moms, and her son Jordan. Our goal was...

Hope House to Run the Graffiti 5K - 04/16/2013

Eleven teen moms and 13 staff members signed up for the Graffiti 5K and will run their FIRST race as a team!

2013 Hope House Classic - 04/10/2013

Join us for the 9th Annual Hope House Classic. This year we return to Rolling Hills, where our inaugural golf tournament was held!

Calling all Shoppers - 04/09/2013

Clean out your closet & help our teen moms! Trendz Boutique invites you to their Truck & Trunk show this Friday and Saturday, April 12th-13th.

Give Now and Double Your Gift - 03/18/2013

Many of you have read about the amazing journey of Jessica, one of our teen moms, and her young son Jordon. Our goal is to raise $40,000 to empower 40 teen moms just like Jessica, and we are 20% there -- please join us! Give now and double your donation!

Ten Bucks to Win a 2013 Ford Mustang - 03/17/2013

Purchase $10 chances to win a brand new, black 2013 Ford Mustang! Generously donated to Concert for Kids by Sill-TerHar Motors, 100% of our proceeds will benefit Hope House! Click below for details.

Non-profit of the Month! - 03/15/2013

The Dessert Stand has a "sweet spot" for giving back to the community - this sister-owned small business regularly donates a portion of their profits to "deserving non-profit organizations that are making a difference."

Resource Center Open House March 14 - 03/14/2013

Take our Real Life of a Teen Mom Tour and see all that happens at our new Resource Center in Westminster.

2012 Annual Report Now Available - 03/11/2013

2012 was an exciting year for our teen moms and their kids! Click here to read our 2012 Annual Report and learn more about our many programs as well as a financial update.

Thank You, Ken Davis! - 03/01/2013

Great comedian, great crowd... wonderful night for Hope House!

Mentoring Program - 02/04/2013

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship."

Ken Davis Live - 01/18/2013

Family comedian Ken Davis is headlining a comedy benefit for Hope House on Thursday, Feb. 28. This is a great opportunity for a family or small group event!

Hope House marks 10-Year Milestone - 01/15/2013

We want to thank you for believing in our teen moms for the last decade. Take a quick look and see what our 113 teen moms accomplished in 2012...

Resource Center: Grand Opening! - 01/08/2013

Enjoy an interactive, fun tour designed to give you a glimpse into "The Real Life of a Teen Mom."

Santa Visits Hope House! - 12/17/2012

Over 200 teen moms, their children, volunteers and staff members attended Hope House's annual Christmas Party last week...

Cars Needed! - 12/16/2012

We have a pressing need for used, reliable cars and vans...

End-of-the-Year Giving - 12/07/2012

This year we celebrate our 10th Christmas together as a Hope House family!

$35,010 Raised on Colorado Gives Day! - 12/05/2012


Old Town Acupuncture and Echter's Garden Center - 12/04/2012


Avalon Motorsports is donating 5% of December profits to Hope House - 12/03/2012


Our 2013 Hope House Calendar is now available online! - 11/30/2012

480 people raised $223,000 at the Hope House Gala! - 11/19/2012

Click to


Join us at Hope House for an Open House on December 4th for Colorado Gives day!


On November 29th, Echter's Nursery and Garden Center will once again make a difference this holiday season in the lives of our teen moms!

Adopt a Family for Christmas! - 11/01/2012

Visit our Adopt a Family page to see how you can bring some Christmas joy to our girls, and their little ones, by fulfilling their Christmas wishes!

Olde Town Acupuncture & Wellness Center - 10/15/2012

Free acupuncture for new patients who donate at least $10 to Hope House of Colorado.

Just Imagine - 10/03/2012

Just Imagine…how one evening helped changed the future of our teen moms and their little ones!

Fall Photos for Hope House - 10/02/2012

Book a fall family photo shoot in October and Nicole Noel Photography will give $50 to Hope House! AND your $50 will be matched dollar for dollar by the Brown Family Foundation!

2012 Just Imagine - 08/23/2012

Just Imagine... an unforgettable evening at the Buell Mansion home of Amy & Jerry Masters.

Update on Hope House Move - 08/06/2012

We are excited to announce that Heritage Community Bible Church has generously offered us space in their church!

2012 Hope House Classic - 08/06/2012

Hope House Classic raises over $100,000 for the first time ever!

Like us on facebook! - 06/13/2012

Check out our Hope House of Colorado facebook page and help a teen mom and their little one by hitting the "Like" button and sharing our page with your friends!

Olde Town Acupuncture & Wellness Center - 05/15/2012

Free acupuncture for new patients who donate at least $10 to Hope House of Colorado.

We Exceeded Our Goal! - 05/15/2012

Thank you "Hope House Champions" for your generous gifts! Your online donations and the checks you sent exceeded our goal...

Moose Hill Cantina - 04/27/2012

Eat at Moose Hill Cantina on May 7th and help Hope House!

Broomfield Community Foundation - 04/23/2012

Hope House received a $1,500 award from the Broomfield Community Foundation for our GED Program!


Congratulations to Southeast Christian Church's SALT Group for raising the most money for Hope House during the month of March.

2012 Hope House Classic - 04/13/2012

Presented by Comfort Dental on Monday July 30, 2012, at the Cherry Creek Country Club. Register Today!

California Pizza Kitchen - 04/01/2012

Dine at California Pizza Kitchen on April 16th & 17th and 20% of your check will be donated to Hope House of Colorado when you present this flyer...

Thank you MOD Moms! - 03/26/2012

Thank you MOD Moms Group of North Denver!

CO Gives Day Tax Receipts - 03/05/2012

March Youth Challenge - 03/01/2012

Win a suite for 20 people at the Pepsi Center for a Nuggets game on Friday, April 6th!

March Events! - 02/17/2012

There are so many ways to help out Hope House. We have many events coming up, check them out and invite your friends!

Olde Town Acupuncture & Wellness Center - 02/15/2012

Help Hope House and visit Olde Town Acupuncture & Wellness Center the 20th - 24th of February and give $10 to receive a free acupuncture treatment for new patients!

A Hope House Christmas... - 12/20/2011

"Thank you so much for the Christmas party. It means so much to know that there are people who care about us moms and..." Read more and see some of our Santa pictures!

2012 Calendars Now Available! - 11/29/2011

Our 2012 Hope House Calendar is now available online! Order a Calendar today!

Girlfriends Night Out: Party with a Purpose! - 11/17/2011

Bring all your girlfriends and join us for an evening of fun @ Echter's Nursery & Garden Center in Arvada, on Thursday, December 1st!

Rolling Hills Country Club Invests in Disadvantaged Teen Moms - 11/17/2011

2011 Gala was a Success! - 11/11/2011

On Saturday night at the Gala, Chantia shared with 500 people how she dropped out of school, ran from foster care, and ended up cold and homeless before finding Hope House, earning her GED, starting college, and getting her own apartment!

Colorado Gives Day was a Success! - 11/09/2011

Thank you so much for your support on Dec 6th, Colorado Gives Day! 311 Champions made donations, for a total of...

Adopt A Family - 11/01/2011

We have over 45 families that have been adopted this Christmas season! Find out more ways you can help our teen moms and their kiddos...

2011 Gala Live Auction Items! - 11/01/2011

We are so looking forward to having you attend the 10th Annual Hope House of Colorado Gala this Saturday!

Suubi Open House - 09/30/2011

See how much fun we had visiting with Miriam and Mary, the staff from our sister home, Suubi House, during our Open House!

2011 Hope House Gala - 08/02/2011

RSVP for our 10th Annual Hope House of Colorado Gala!

GED month at Hope House! - 08/01/2011

Introducing "Cause Month" at Hope House! Each month we will share a new way to support our teen moms who work so hard to build stable lives for their little ones.

Hope House Classic Live Auction Items - 07/07/2011

Check out these amazing live auction items for the Hope House 2011 Classic

Crisis Funds for Teen Moms - 07/01/2011

July is "Crisis Funds Month" at Hope House. We need to raise an additional $5,000 to meet the crisis needs that will arise during the rest of the year. Your gift will literally rescue a young family.

Watch the video! - 06/15/2011

Hear from our three staff members as they share about our recent trip to Kampala, Uganda!

Spending more time at Suubi House! - 05/09/2011

Our three staff members from Hope House of Colorado were able to spend a few hours at Suubi House, Uganda last Thursday. We gave introductions, got a tour of the home, our parenting teacher gave a lesson, took many pictures and shared lots of laughs. It is amazing to see the sense of community they have at Suubi House.

Suubi (Hope) House in Uganda.. - 05/02/2011

Today, our team visited Suubi House, where 6 teen moms and their kiddos live as they pursue higher education and careers.

Helping Teen Moms in Uganda! - 04/27/2011

On April 29th, three Hope House staff members will journey to Uganda for two weeks- and you're invited to come along!

New Online Community! - 04/11/2011

We have a new social media site! Check out our Hope House Community online...

Hope House 2011 Classic - 03/03/2011

REGISTER TODAY for the Hope House of Colorado 2011 Classic Golf Tournament on Monday, July 18th, at Lakewood Country Club!

Amie's Farewell Letter - 03/01/2011

With much celebration, and a few tears, our Program Director left in Dec 2010 to pursue a Master's Degree and a new direction in her life...

Check out our Wish List! - 02/09/2011

We've added some new items to our Hope House Wish List. Check it out, spread the word and help us out!

2010 Annual Report - 02/01/2011

Our 2010 Annual Report is now available online! Download a copy today...

Our 2010 Christmas! - 01/25/2011

Thank you for making our Christmas so special!

Get Connected with Hope House! - 01/05/2011

Join our Facebook Group, Youtube page, and sign up for our e-mailing list to receive updates about Hope House and see how you can be apart of transforming the lives of others!

Colorado Gives Day! - 12/08/2010

Make a donation to Hope House through our givingfirst profile on Wednesday, December 8th, and your donation will be increased by the Colorado Gives Day Incentive Fund!

Thank You CoBiz Cares Foundation - 12/01/2010

Adopt a Family! - 11/09/2010

Adopt a Hope House Family for Christmas! We have over 50 families that need help this Christmas season.

2011 Hope House Calendar - 11/03/2010

Our 2011 Hope House Calendars are now available online!

Foundations of Hope 2010 Gala - 08/16/2010

We want to include YOU!

Praying for our Golfers! - 06/28/2010

We are committing to pray for each of our Golfers' businesses through the end of July!

We've been chosen! - 05/19/2010

We've been chosen as one of the Top-Rated Women's Empowerment Nonprofits!

A Taste of Napa 2010 Classic - 04/20/2010

Hope House 2010 Golf Tournament at The Golf Club at Ravenna!

We Won!!! - 04/02/2010

We won the $30,000 Office Makeover from Office Liquidators!

Give and Go 60 Challenge - 03/31/2010

Share your story about the Give and Go 60 Challenge!

Comedy Night Pictures - 03/18/2010

Check out pictures from our Comedy Night Event!

GED Program Graduation - 03/01/2010

Nine more teen moms have graduated from the GED Program!

Family Fun Night - 02/23/2010

Check out pictures from our first Family Fun Night!

2009 Annual Report - 02/04/2010

The 2009 Annual Report is now available online!

National Mentoring Month - 01/01/2010

Hear what our Mentors have to say...

Thank You CCPC - 12/22/2009

Volunteer! - 11/11/2009

Together we're building stable lives!


Help create community for a teen mom who doesn't know she has one!

Matching Grant - 11/09/2009

Hope House has received a matching grant from the Mission Increase Foundation!

Mrs. Colorado Visits Hope House -

Kimberly Reece, Mrs. Colorado United States, recently surprised Hope House with...

Thanks to YOU, Colorado Gives Day Breaks All Records! -

Give Where You Live is the theme of Colorado Gives Day, and Hope House...

Thanks to YOU, Colorado Gives Day Breaks All Records! -

Give Where You Live is the theme of Colorado Gives Day, and Hope House...



At Hope House, our Parenting Program is incredibly important…