Nathan joined Hope House as the Director of Business Operations in 2018 with a background that is an excellent fit for this position: an early career in business operations as well as several years with the Department of Human Services and many years spent pastoring a church. Nathan has Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance, a Master of Divinity, an MBA in Project Management, and a PHD in Theology. Nathan enjoyed a 20-year career with Lockheed Martin, ultimately working as Program Manager for Risk Mitigation and Trajectory Analysis. In 2007, after the adoption of his two youngest children, he left Lockheed to become a Program Administrator for the Department of Human Services. Nathan has also served as a faculty member of the Colorado Dependency and Neglect Judicial Institute at the Sturm School of Law and is a former Chair of the National Board of Directors for the Fathers and Families Coalition of America. He has also served on the President’s Fatherhood Advisory Council, the Governor’s Advisory Board on Domestic Violence, and has conducted extensive training for Denver Public Schools, Denver Police Department, and other metro Denver Law Enforcement agencies on topics such as Family Engagement, Undoing Racism, and Courageous Conversations on Race. He and his wife have four children and one grandson and live in Aurora.